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Feb 27, 2018

With Black Panther on track to make 1 billion in 3 weeks, the ’82 crew makes one more trip to Wakanda to analyze what makes this movie so successful!

Feb 20, 2018

The ‘82 crew discuss their recent binges and speak on Netflix’s The Cloverfield Paradox 

Feb 17, 2018

The ‘82 crew reviews the cultural phenomenon, Marvel’s Black Panther!

Feb 13, 2018

The ‘82 crew discusses openly the well-deserved hype to Marvel Studios upcoming film, Black Panther! Wally and Hattori become the hosts on "What Not To Wear" to the Black Panther premiere. Also, Hattori reminisces about a movie experience in Memphis that left Rowls in tears. 

Feb 6, 2018

The crew highlights their geek culture binge exploits and Mr. Nutz provides a first impression review of Dragonball FighterZ.